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The method of claim 1, wherein said bodies of the body-forming metal are in one of the following conditions. For the purpose of this invention, a temperature of l, to F, and a pressure of between l5 and 30, P. Now we are the global market leader and are clearly setting the technological benchmarks for bimetal saw blades. As noted hereinbefore, the bi-metal assemblage which is subjected to hot isostatic pressing may consist ofa single pair of side-by-side solid metal bars of bodyforming metal with a proportionate quantity or volume of powdered tooth tip-forming metal therebetween or a number of such pairs of bars. These strips should be of metal having the same composition as that oil either the tooth tipforming metal or the body-forming metal. A better way of joining the two metals had to be found, and it is to that objective that this invention is directed. Mira. Age: 23. Amazing experience with me is some thing you will never forget ;)I am new to this beautiful place and Iam so exited to explore it and meet with interesting people around it Jillian. Age: 28. Hey fellas, I'm Kali P

Bimetal Strip Steel for Hand Hacksaw Blades

Process for producing a workpiece from an alloy containing dopant and based on titanium aluminide. Single crystal turbine components made using a moving zone transient liquid phase bonded sandwich construction. Obviously the width of the space between the bars 14 determines the width ratio of the narrow mid-section 16 FIG. The method of making bi-metal stock suitable for the production of bi-metal band saw blades having a bodyof metal possessing good resistance to fatigue, and teeth with tips of metal having good cutting qualities, which method comprises:. While mainly M2 high speed steel has been identified as the tooth tip-forming metal, and mainly D6A has been mentioned as the body-forming metal, metals of other compositions can be employed, as for instance: Method for butt welding two pieces of different metal, particularly pieces of medium or high carbon content steel, with a laser beam. As in the previously described embodiments of the invention, the can or container 33 FIG. As shown, alloy A has more affinity for element X than alloy B, even though element X is present in a larger amount in alloy A. Symmetry in the bi-metal assemblage, at least as to its internal stresses, is therefore essential; and to assure straightness after the slitting operation, the geometry and cross section of the two solid metal bars flanking each initially powdered metal strata of the assemblage should be identical. As before, the can in which the powdered metals are placed can be of a size to accommodate a number of alternate bodies of tooth tip-forming metal and bodyforrning metal, so that the slitting operation would produce more than two lengths of bi-metal band saw blade stock. The method of claim 1, wherein said powdered metal is a tool steel having good cutting qualities, and said body-forming metal is an alloy steel having good fatigue resistance. The area from the back edge 6 of the blade to and including all but the tips 7 of the teeth, is formed of medium carbon, low alloy steel, such as D6A, or any other metal possessing the requisite attributes of a good band saw blade, especially good resistance to fatigue; but the tips 7 of theteeth are formed of high speed steel, or. This can or container has flat side walls 26 connected by end walls 27 and a bottom wall The method of claim 1, further characterized in that a plurality of said bi-metallic assemblages are encased in a common container in multiple sandwich fashion, so that certain of said bodies of body-forming metal are disposed between quantities of said powdered tooth tip-forming metal, whereby the isostatic hot pressing of the evacuated and sealed container and its contents, and subsequent working of the resulting bi-metal slab produces an elongated bi-metal strip having a plurality of alternate body-forming and tooth tip-forming metal sections; and wherein said sections of body-forming metal, as well as said sections of tooth tip-forming metal are slit substantially down the center of each so as to form more than two lengths of bi-metal band saw blade stock. Hardening and tempering of the thus formed blade in the manner taught in the aforesaid Anderson et al. Obviously, the elevation of the temperature should not be at so fast a rate as to cause thermal stresses in the assemblage.

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Eberle Bimetal Strip Steel

As such, during the isostatic hot pressing, the divider strips become an integral part of the bi-metal slab. This enables the chemical activity in the transition zone at the junction between the two metals to be controlled. Whether the assemblage consists of only one midsection of tooth tip-forming metal between two sections of body-forming metal, or a plurality thereof, the assemblage should be so constructed as to balance the stresses that occur during its subsequent deformation as it is rolled into a strip. In one embodiment of the invention, the first step in the formation of the bi-metal slab 10 FIG. The result is an integral bimetal slab of exceptional quality.

Bimetal Steel Strip | Bimetal Strip


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