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Make sure the suspension point is properly secure, all kit used is rated ideally for at least ten times the expected load, since someone swinging in a suspension might create a considerable dynamic load. Having her hang her massive breasts teasingly close to your mouth would be irresistible. It should be symbolic and have absolutely no weight behind it. Hywel did this tie with me at our first shoot, and it was my favourite one of the day. The 5'11" busty amazon Emma Butt is back here on Breastification, this time in a video. All that said, the position is very aesthetically pleasing, very practical, allows for rearward penetration of the subject and is an excellent means of display to boot. The variant here shows arms behind in box. The entirety of her back can be whipped mercilessly, from head to toe. Flower. Age: 19. Charlotte of Vegas Independent Escort- Inara. Age: 30. Visiting Atlanta---Available days & nights --7 days a week for company combined with a fbsm

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Unfortunately, not many people talk and write about it that is why now we will have a good at it and as they say, we will make it loud and simple. Sometimes there are additional means of preventing the apparatus from being dislodged, but often as in this example the wideness of the gape produced is considered to be sufficient in and of itself to secure the gag. Bondage positions Part Three: And this is a terrifying example of an inverted suspension from WykD Dave that I don't think you should even LOOK at until you really know what you are doing, let alone try to replicate! Screw Me Strappado Similar to bent over strappado above, but legs are apart. For the suspensions, we will cease our jovial notes. The ropes should be tight. It can also be achieved by the use of ropes tied to a pole a length of bamboo is typically used although here one must be careful if the pole is to be attached at neck height- one must as always be very careful of any rope-work or restriction near the neck. In the normal variant shown here the elbows are tied touching together behind the back, wrists are tied, and the legs are tied together above and below the knees as well as at the ankles. Submissive or Kiss The Floor Head as low as the position allows, ideally with forehead pressed to the floor. This can make it somewhat hard for some people to draw in breath because one cannot avoid weight resting on the chest and diaphragm and also means the hands are likely to go numb sooner rather than later, so this variant should be considered advanced and more for punishment than for long-term storage. Unless tied very tightly behind the head, the give in the material may be enough to permit the slavegirl to dislodge the gag or push it out of her mouth with her tongue, which is not usually the desired effect. The legs are here bound with a style which our illustrious rigger declared could well be likened to the classical Japanese form known as Futomomo; the addition of the rope around the opposite ankle pulling that same ankle to the subjects opposite, wrapped, thigh formed a triangular shape which one could barely fail to label with the classical Greek nomenclature of 'delta'.

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Slut Sacrifice On back, hands above head and outstretched, legs as wide apart as it is possible to be but still on the floor, toes pointed. Any position which involves weight being distributed on hands and knees in this way is technically called being on all fours. We should caution that anyone relying on this method with slippery artificial rope like nylon is inviting a slithering mess of snakes sliding down rather than an elegant ladder climbing up! As you will A variant of rocked back , this position keeps the head, back and leg position of rocked back but moves the arms to above the head.

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